Organisations don’t change, people do

Business challenges

If you define a new strategy that people don’t adopt or implement, what is it worth?

  • A new CEO with a new strategy?
  • A new strategy to be defined in a participative mode?
  • An evolution of your business model that requires your organizational culture to evolve?
  • An innovation initiative that is potentially challenging to your existing business model?
  • A merger or an acquisition?
  • A large-scale office move with the implementation of new ways of working?
  • An outsourcing of activities or reduction of staff?
  • An E2E approach to overcome silo thinking?
  • A need to strengthen the leadership capabilities?
  • New values to be defined and embedded?
  • A need to change your customer approach?

What percentage of the success of your strategy implementation will depend on people changing the way they work?

People Solutions

  • We offer frameworks, methodologies and assessment tools to ensure that your strategic projects are positioned for success and that the people side of it is connected to the project's success. 
  • We facilitate alignment within leadership teams regarding the implementation of their strategy of building an inspiring story to tell.
  • We facilitate the cascading of that story across the organisation.
  • We train and coach managers to mobilize their teams in the transformation journey.
  • We train and coach leaders for effective sponsorship.
  • We develop change management strategies and plans with sponsors and change management teams.
  • We provide organizational culture surveys that will link your organizational culture to ROE and will enable you to track progress.
  • We offer PROSCI certified training and coaching programs to strengthen the change management capabilities of your project teams and frontline managers

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