Alone we go faster, together we go further

Business challenges

As difficult as teamwork effectiveness is to measure, its impact on successful strategy implementation cannot be denied. When people come together and are enabled to reconcile their individual interests with the good of the whole, they can accomplish what might have looked impossible on paper. When teams are able to eliminate politics and confusion, they get more done in less time and with less costs. 

As your main competitors usually have the same access to strategy consultants, talent, technology, etc., the one sustainable competitive advantage that often remains untapped is teamwork. Teams are the place to make strategy happen and are able to manage change. 

  • Are you convinced that reinforcing the leadership team cohesiveness will improve company performance?
  • Are you concerned with the creation of a shared vision?
  • Do you want to increase team contribution, performance or operational functioning?
  • Is your team effectiveness being affected by a high turnover? 
  • Is the legacy of a former team leader still driving current team dynamics?
  • Are you committed to changing the culture at your team level by engaging all your members?
  • Are you facing conflict situations and tensions in the team?

What percentage of the success of your strategy implementation will depend on people’s ability to work in a team and beyond, i.e. across boundaries?

People solutions

  • Helping leadership teams to increase cohesiveness, to envision the future of the organisation and to design a change roadmap
  • Coaching leadership teams to create the foundations for effective collaboration
  • Supporting the creation of a new leadership team
  • Coaching leadership teams to restore or build trust
  • Design and Facilitation of Team workshops
  • Design and facilitation of workshops for larger groups, to develop transversality and cooperation

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