Nexum has reached a pivotal moment in its development

AGEFI Luxembourg Dec. 2014 - Talking to Véronique Di Maria, Managing Partner, Nexum Luxembourg S.A.

author picture Article written by Antoine Wouters

Can you tell us about your activities and briefly explain what they involve? 
Nexum is human resources agency, active in Belgium, France, Switzerland and Luxembourg. Our aim is to support leaders in implementing their strategies and achieving results by facilitating change, based on the human aspect. After a career of 15 years with an international bank in Luxembourg, I opened the Luxembourg branch of Nexum where, for the past two years, I have been combining the roles of Managing Partner, consultant and trainer. 
Nexum is an international company that develops its expertise (consulting, training, coaching) in order to constantly gain a better understanding and insight into the issues faced by our clients, and to offer innovative solutions, supporting all those involved until the successful outcome. Moreover, Nexum is able to draw on the services of a community of highly skilled experts, all of whom embody our image: authentic and driven by the shared will to fully satisfy our clients. 

How do you help companies to focus their strategies? 
Nexum works at the intersection of strategic advice and human services, combining the business skills required to understand and encourage sharing and alignment in the pursuit of the company's vision, mission, values and strategy. In this way, we are a catalyst. Our approach is participatory and we work side-by-side with our clients to help them find their own flexible, customised solutions and to jointly construct solutions that meet the real needs of the company. 

The main obstacle to the successful implementation of business strategies and large-scale processes of change is resistance, and more broadly, inefficient management of the human dimension. That is why, gradually, change management has become distinct from project management. Both are essential elements of success, and at Nexum, the two aspects of change are managed separately and simultaneously in order to improve the chances of success and to increase return on investment. 

What have been some major projects in recent months? 
For Nexum, 2014 was a successful year in light of the satisfaction of the clients we supported in the context of major change programmes. We have been able to demonstrate our ability to handle large-scale strategic projects: support for team relocation, integration of teams, implementation of new cultures, establishing commercial plans, ... In the face of developments and the new change related challenges that we receive from our clients and through our ambition to constantly improve our approach, we have established a new partnership with Prosci, the global leader in research on change management and the associated programmes and training products. 
We are proud to now be the European partner of Prosci. Our entire senior management team has been accredited to offer certification programmes in change management. As an authorised distributor and exclusive affiliate of PROSCI, we thus offer a Change Management method that incorporates efficient tools and 20 years of research. 
Have the needs of companies/banks changed significantly as a result of the crisis? 
The needs have changed everywhere. They have become more concrete: awareness of the necessity and the value of change management has increased at all levels of organisations. The companies/banks are now devoting more resources to this area and change management is initiated earlier and more frequently in the management of strategic projects. 

What about recruitment within your group in recent months? 
Nexum has reached a pivotal point in its development, a point at which a new ambition is coming to the fore. We are reinforcing the team and setting up co-operations in order to constantly improve the service to major clients in our four core markets and to shape the future together. This year, the teams have grown and become more diverse as far as the backgrounds of the members (consultant, project managers, managing partner, etc.) 

What is the outcome of your activities for the year 2014? 
This year was heavily focused on international activity and strategic partnerships. We have been able to support groups and their branch offices in their systematic programmes of change; we have also been able to launch large-scale projects thanks to partnerships in "Business and Human Resources". 

What are your main goals for 2015? 
Our ambition is to capitalise on a select number of strategic partnerships (PROSCI, strategic consultants, business schools, universities, etc.) which will allow us to position ourselves even more internationally and more as change management specialists. Some of our European clients are currently requiring that the Change Management offices apply the Prosci method in their work. We will be focusing on this valuable concept which will enable the certification of Change Managers within our clients' teams, thus accelerating the implantation of a true culture of Change Management within their company. 

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