Must-win project approach

You have a must-win project, you evolve in a changing environment, you are in front of a transformation, and you want to be accompanied? Nexum’s Change Management experts can help you to realize the expected results of the change while incorporating the Change Management capability in the DNA of your organization.

Achieve what you expect

The objective of our accompaniment is to support you in achieving the results and ROI you expect from your project by getting people on board and working on emotions and group dynamics


You know that the success of your project highly depends on people adapting the way they work? We create an eco-sytem to make this change happen.You can’t allow your project to be led in an unstructured way, at random / it’s not because it’s about people that it has to be fuzzy? We apply a customized, targeted and structured Change Management approach, combined with a real ability to take into account the emotional part of the change and group dynamics.
You want a partnership rather than a provider? We adapt the level of support to your need.
You don’t want consultants sticking to your organization for years? While supporting you in your transformation, we incorporate the Change Management capacity into your organization by empowering people, leaving you ready to face new projects autonomously.

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This is why we apply a role-based approach:

  • How do we help you?

    Our experts partner with your project teams and guide them to assess change readiness, identify impacts, develop Change Management strategies and implementation plans, guide Change Management execution and accompany executive teams and individuals. Together we weave together the right combination of assessments, tools, templates and implementation supports to help you to get on board all the stakeholders in the change and achieve the results you need. We not only work with you to make the current project successful, but also act as a catalyst for growing your capability to successfully manage the people side of change on future projects.

  • This is why we apply a role-based approach:

    1. Transformational Leadership Teams

    • Strengthening team cohesion
    • Developing the skills of change sponsorship
    • Aligning on story to tell in the organization


    2. Managers

    • Helping people managers to manage their personal change (as managers are employees first)
    • Building change competency in people managers by defining their role in change and providing practical frameworks for being an effective change leader
    • Helping people managers to accompany their teams in uncertainty and manage resistance


    3. Change Managers


  • What kind of projects require Change Management?

    1. Cultural Transformation
    2. Strategic Transformation
    3. A merger, an acquisition, an outsourcing
    4. Agile Transformation
    5. Digital Transformation
    6. Software Implementation
    7. A move accompanied by the implementation of new ways of working


    Actually, if you have a project with a large people-side component that is critical to the success of your organization, you cannot afford to go without a customized, targeted and structured Change Management approach.

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