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We partner with you to help you build the individual competencies and organizational capabilities you need to succeed at must-win projects and become an agile, change-ready organization.

We become Prosci Europe

In April 2023, Nexum and Prosci affiliate CMC Partnership Global were acquired by Prosci, building on Prosci’s momentum of expanding its global presence in recent years.
This new European division of Prosci, known as Prosci Europe, operates and delivers Prosci’s portfolio of change management solutions in Belgium, Denmark, France, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, the UK, and French-speaking Switzerland.

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Mission Statement

We are change management experts. 
We unlock the power of change to catalyse the success of our clients’ organizations, boost their agility and develop their long-term resilience. We do so by delivering world-leading methodologies and customized training, coaching and advisory services that root the capacity for change within their organisation and culture. Empowering both businesses and their people to adapt, succeed, and lead the process of change into the future.

How do we deliver our services


Top reasons clients choose Nexum

  1. We inspire clients to embrace and welcome change that leads to long-term success.
  2. We act as enabler and catalyst rather than consultant. We work side by side with clients in a flexible way, and build solutions together that address true business needs.
  3. "Nexum is big enough to cope, and small enough to care”. Our team has an extensive experience in interventions with multinationals and small companies, actively participating in developing change processes which help to integrate culture and align people with the vision, mission, values and strategies of the company.
  4. Nexum’s people have a deep understanding and hands-on experience of what corporate culture, Change Management, team dynamics and coaching are.


What to expect when partnering with Nexum

Nexum is proud to do things differently. We partner with you, sharing our knowledge, tools and training so that you are equipped and confident in managing your own change, now and in the future.

Focus on Results

We practice Change Management because it helps achieving results. We’ll partner with you to ensure that your organization achieves the change outcomes you seek. Whether developing change management maturity in your organization or succeed at a must-win project, you’ll find our commitment is to equip and guide you to achieve your goals.

Immediate Solutions with Long-Term Partnership

We keep the long-term success of your organization in mind while offering immediate solutions based on your current realities. You can expect to see quick progress: most clients see a one- to two-level jump in change management maturity in their first year of partnership with us.

Commitment to Transferring Knowledge

Our experience suggests that Change Management is much more effective when implemented internally, so we will support you as you and your organization develop the ability to successfully apply Change Management on every project and in every situation, and deliver the people-dependent portion of your change results.
We will support and empower you with a combination of training, tools, onsite facilitation and advising to accelerate your results.

Consultants and Coaches

Nexum’s consultants are seasoned experts who have led large-scale change. We are passionate about encouraging Change Management best practices in our clients. Our experts are both consultants and coaches : they have the capabilities to manage projects and processes at organizational level, to develop transformational leadership teams and to accompany individuals in their transitions.

A Global Network of Support

Nexum has partners everywhere in the world to support you in your global transformation challenges. Our partners regularly leverage their localized expertise to account for cultural nuances and needs.


In short…

In times of increasingly complex change, you need a change management solution that will deliver short-term results, while building internal capabilities for the long-term.

Using more than 17 years of experience, Nexum’s approach makes Change Management actionable and applicable. Whether you want to build your own skills or are looking for a partner to help you build an enterprise capability in Change Management, Nexum’s broad suite of offerings gives you the flexibility to tailor a change management solution that will meet your needs.

Nexum is different from other Change Management partners. Our methodologies are designed to be taught and internalized. They are built on research. We aim to enhance the Change Management capability of every individual and organization we work with. We are committed to your success.

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