Our partners help us to develop creatively Change Management capability for our clients. Their specific expertise allows us to constantly question the best way to serve our customers.


Founded in 1994, Prosci is the world leader in benchmarking research and Change Management products. Prosci’s tools and methodology—based on research into best practices with over 3400 international organizations—are used by 80% of Fortune 100 companies. The Prosci methodology has become one of the most widely used approaches to managing the people side of change in business and government. More info about our Partnership and training/certification program opportunities

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Zenger Folkman

We call the best leaders extraordinary leaders. And extraordinary leaders have a measurable, exponential influence on their organisations’ results.
As a strategic partner of Zenger Folkman, we have a set of tools and development programmes that can strengthen your abilities as a leader and increase your employees’ performance.
Nexum offers courses and workshops within four categories that all have a well-documented and research-based foundation in common:


Drina is our partner to cover the Tunisian market

Drina Consulting is a consultancy that helps the most ambitious organization to make lasting improvements and outperform the competition.

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