Prosci Strategic Alignment Workshop

Align your change management capability with your organization’s overarching objectives. Build organizational change capability and agility through a shared vision and understanding of how change will achieve your desired outcomes.

Program details

Focus your core team and rally your staff

Prosci’s Strategic Alignment Workshop helps you effectively communicate the reasons behind launching an enterprise-wide approach to change management to align key stakeholders and staff with a common goal.
We offer the help of an expert change management facilitator and a bevy of tools at your disposal. This workshop accelerates your organization’s change capability development, giving you a plan that will turn your vision into a reality. 

Our most frequent attendees are:

  • Executive sponsors
  • Deployment leaders
  • Functional leadership
  • Key organizational influencers
  • Share your vision for change capability and how it ties into your organizational strategy 
  • Understand the goals and objectives behind building your organization’s change capability 
  • Analyze the current state and clearly define the future state of your organization’s capacity for change 
  • Clearly define the roles and responsibilities of your key change leaders 
  • Plan a sequence of events that will cultivate enhanced organizational change capability 
  • Master an elevator speech that clearly explains why and how your organization will become change-ready

Day 1:

  • Meeting kickoff
  • Unpacking enterprise-level change management deployment ambitions
  • Mapping change management maturity
  • Aligning enterprise change management goals

Day 2:

  • Exploring change management roles and responsibilities
  • Creating and deploying your change management roadmap
  • Establishing key program milestones
  • Refining communication and planning for success



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