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As a Primary Affiliate, we deliver with our Prosci Certified Instructors change management certifications and training courses tailored for executives, managers, change management practitioners and employees. 

These trainings are : 

Prosci’s 3-day Change Management Certification Program is the premier internationally-recognized certification in the field of change management. Introduced in 2004, the certification program uses Prosci’s research-based Change Management methodology and tools to drive successful outcomes by focusing on the people side of change. The program is updated every two years based on the most recent research results, with the newest version releasing in early 2014.

  • Prosci Change Management Sponsor Briefing

The Prosci Change Management Sponsor Program for executives and senior leaders helps sponsors embrace their role in the change process. This 4-6 hour program focuses on the critical connection between change management and business results, allowing leaders to strategically position their projects for success.

  • Prosci Change Management Coaching Program

Prosci’s Change Management Coaching Program focuses on the power of individual coaching, how to avoid common manager mistakes, and techniques for managing resistance. This one-day program is ideal for managers and supervisors who are helping their employees transition through change.

  • Prosci Change Management Orientation for Employees

Designed for a project team or a group of project leaders or managers, this results-oriented workshop provides project teams with awareness of how change management can help them meet a project’s intended outcomes. Led by a Prosci Master Instructor, the workshop is designed to guide participants through a common language and framework for change management using terms they know: intent, objectives, scope, work streams, milestones, deliverables and timelines.

We also integrate this methodology in our Change Management consultancy services.



Who is Prosci ?

Founded in 1994, Prosci is the world leader in benchmarking research and change management products. Prosci’s tools and methodology—based on best practices research with over 3400 international organizations—are used by more than three quarters of Fortune 100 companies. The Prosci methodology has become one of the most widely used approaches to managing the people side of change in business and government.



Why Change Management?

Change management provides a competitive advantage, allowing organizations to quickly and effectively implement change to meet market needs. 

Prosci’s research has shown that projects with excellent change management effectiveness are 6 times more likely to meet or exceed project objectives. Change management increases the success of organizational change and project initiatives by applying a structured framework of methods, tools and processes managing the change from a current state to a future state.

In today’s fast-paced world, every organization can benefit from a better way to manage change. 

  • No industry is immune to change 
  • Organizations are facing ever-increasing rates of change 
  • Effective change management improves return on investment 
  • Excellent change management enables your project to meet its objectives, come in on or ahead of schedule, and stay within or below budget


The Prosci Methodology

Prosci’s uniquely integrated system of models, tools and processes enables your organization to strategically execute change at three levels: 

  1. With individuals through the popular Prosci ADKAR® Model
  2. On projects through the robust Prosci 3-Phase Process
  3. As a competency across the organization through the cutting-edge Prosci Enterprise Change Management Suite.

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