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28 January 2020

Nexum and proacteur join forces to leverage strengths and support world leading brands in their change management capability across Europe and North Africa.

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Nexum and proacteur join forces to leverage strengths and support world leading brands in their change management capability across Europe and North Africa.

  • Merger deal signed between Nexum and proacteur, both major Prosci affiliates in Continental Europe and in North Africa.
  • Capital increase courtesy of a new equity partner, Profinpar.
  • Newly formed Nexum Group now prepared to support Europe’s and North Africa largest and smallest clients.
  • Combining international reach with local expertise in most Western European languages.
  • Seamless transition guaranteed for existing Nexum and proacteur clients with same level of service and single point of contact.
  • Merger to strengthen market impact according to Prosci, the company behind leading change management methodology, ADKAR.

Brussels, 28 January 2020 – Nexum and proacteur, two of Europe’s largest and most experienced change management consultancies have today joined forces to become the leading player in Europe and North Africa: Nexum Group. Together with a new equity partner, Profinpar, the new group’s unparalleled international reach and personalised local expertise in most Western European languages will drive Nexum Group’s ambition to become the strongest pure play change management consulting and Prosci training provider in the region. As such, Nexum Group will give a new name to the process of meaningful, sustainable and profitable change.

The merger and capital increase represent a deliberate and decisive move by the two leading players and the next logical step in their shared ambition to offer the highest possible standards of service. Both companies are certified Prosci Primary affiliates – providing training in Prosci’s famous ADKAR change management methodology – and both share the same values and market approach – combining training with comprehensive consultancy and thought leadership. Together, the new group capitalises on powerful synergies in terms of market reach, finance, human resources and marketing while also representing a strong mix of complementary expertise and thought leadership in change management. As such, Nexum Group will be even better placed to coach individual leaders, managers and teams to steer change within their organisations against the backdrop of an increasingly complex world.

For existing Nexum clients, the merger opens up a wealth of industry expertise and tools while guaranteeing the same levels of service via the same, single point of contact. As Europe’s first Prosci affiliate company, proacteur boasts long standing market maturity with over 3000 certified Prosci Change management Practitioners. Their proven track record in cultural transformations will also benefit the new group, supported by the powerful proprietary cultural audit tool, proCulture and the strength-based leadership tool, Zenger Folkman.

Caroline Mørck Jensen, former Nexum partner and now CEO Nexum Group:
“We have always considered proacteur as the Scandinavian Nexum, sharing the same philosophy and values, providing similar services to their clients with the same constant quest for excellence. This fusion is for us a natural and logical movement.”

For clients of the Scandinavian-based proacteur, the merger will bring all the benefits of truly international reach for both present and future clients, covering Belgium, France, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Portugal and Morocco. As the second largest Prosci affiliate in Continental Europe and exclusive provider in French-speaking markets, Nexum brings over 19 years of experience in change management to the table. This will boost the new group’s capacity to service international clients while bolstering its availability and overall consultancy resources.

Morten Kamp Andersen, partner at proacteur:
“I am truly excited about being part of Nexum Group. One of our stated visions is to be experts and thought leaders in Change management and the primary driver of the maturity of the discipline in Europe. This excites me as I believe Change management can add significant value to any organisation and that the size and scale of Nexum Group will help put the discipline firmly on the map.”

All stakeholders will also profit from an additional capital investment courtesy of the new equity partner, Profinpar, allowing them to realise their shared ambition to become the largest player on the European market.

Dimitri de Failly, partner at Profinpar:
“We are delighted to partner with Nexum Group to support their growth in the exciting field of Change management. By joining forces, Nexum and proacteur are now in an even stronger position to serve their international clients, all while improving the level of service by leveraging on the best practices of two European leading players.”

For Prosci, the world’s leading developer of powerful change management tools and methodologies, the formation of Nexum Group represents an even stronger foothold in the region.

Scott McAllister, CEO of Prosci:
“Nexum and proacteur have both been strong partners for many years and their combined forces will only amplify their impact on the change management market.”

This landmark merger is already opening up many opportunities for clients, partners and investors of the new Nexum Group. And as the leader in change management expertise, all stakeholders can rest assured that the internal change management process itself will be executed with flawless precision.

For both transactions, Nexum Group was advised by Merodis (, a corporate finance advisory firm.


Nexum Group
Caroline Mørck Jensen

Phone: +45 31 44 52 22

Peter Harbo Clausen

Phone: + 45 40 89 32 60

Nexum France
Vincent Halluent
Email :
Phone : +32 478 22 81 67

Nexum Belux and Switzerland
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Dimitri de Failly or Thomas Walgraffe
Phone+32 477 44 48 94

About Nexum

About proacteur

Nexum was founded in 2001 and helps clients build the individual competencies and organizational capabilities needed to succeed with must-win projects and become an agile, change-ready organization.

Nexum introduced the Prosci role-based training, methodologies and tools to the Belgian, French, Swiss and Luxemburg markets in 2015 and are serving clients throughout EMEA and the US with a team of 37 consultants and coaches.

proacteur was founded in 2006 and is change management experts providing evidence-based and best practice consulting services and training within Change management.

proacteur was the first to introduce Prosci role-based training, methodologies and tools to the European market. proacteur is Prosci Primary Affiliate in Denmark, Norway and Sweden and are serving clients throughout Europe and in the US. Besides Prosci training 16 consultants are helping clients to successfully implement large and complex organizational changes.


About Profinpar

About Prosci

PROFINPAR FUND is an entrepreneurial fund whose approach focuses on active partnerships with family owned SMEs and their shareholders. PROFINPAR FUND combines an equity offer with the expertise of its 45 investor-entrepreneurs who share their experience and networks to the benefit of the partner SMEs.

Prosci was founded in 1994 by former Bell Labs engineer and program manager Jeff Hiatt. Today, Prosci is a global team of change fanatics and advocates focused on customer success.

Prosci helps clients build effective change capabilities. Prosci combine scientific principles and a focus on the people side of change to deliver superior training programs, maintain the world's largest body of change management knowledge, and ensure exceptional customer experiences.


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