Prosci's new Best Practices in Change Management benchmarking report

21 December 2015
author picture Article written by Antoine Wouters

One of the biggest new arrivals will be in Q1 of 2016, when Prosci's ninth benchmarking study in change management is released.

What to expect in Prosci's new 2016 benchmarking report?

This edition makes great strides in advancing the discipline of change management in areas such as how to:
- Adapt change management based on culture (impact of culture on change management and importance of cultural awareness and glbal literacy in change)
- Customize change management for vertical industries   
- Build and leverage change agent networks 
- Engage with complementary roles like OD and HR
- Certification in change management

This edition wil also have a brand new structure. There will be 4 main parts. Each part will be divided in several chapters. Here is a quick preview of theses parts. 

Current State of Change Management
- Insights
- Trends
- Organizational Change Capability

Change Management Application
- Motivation and Justification
- Effectiveness and Measurement
- Methodology
- Budget, Resources, Team Structure
- Change Management Activities
- PM and CM Integration

Roles in Change Management
- Sponsorship
- Managers and Supervisors
- Change Agent Network
- Consultants
- Complementary Roles

Adapting and Aligning Change management
- Culture and Change Management
- Customizing CM by Industry
- Aligning CM with Specific Approaches
- Managing Complex Changes
- Saturation and Portfolio Management

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