Prosci: The global leader in Change Management solutions.

Founded 25 years ago, Prosci is now a global team of Change Management (CM) experts, who combine scientific principles with a focus on the people side of Change.

Prosci is committed to delivering top-notch training programs all over the globe and maintaining the largest body of Change Management knowledge. 

ADKAR: the industry-standard methodology designed by Prosci.


Because a structured and repeatable approach to managing change makes a critical difference, Prosci has been on a mission to create the best methodology and is constantly searching for ways to improve the way people experience and embrace change. Focusing on individual transitions as the building blocks of change, the ADKAR model was born out of more than two decades of scientific research and best practices in Change Management. It is currently the industry-standard for CM practitioners. To this date, 75,000 people have been trained and certified.

NEXUM is partnering up with Prosci to bring the best experience to clients and deliver outstanding results. We do so by helping our customers build an ADKAR-based framework that will:

*Raise Awareness (A) of the need for change

*Create Desire (D) to support the change

*Build Knowledge (K) about how to change

*Develop the Ability (A) to demonstrate skills and behaviors

*Reinforce (R) the change to make it stick

Boost your results with Prosci and NEXUM.

CM and ADKAR can substantially boost the success rate of any given project. Because change happens one person at a time, ensuring employees are well-equipped and supported is crucial. By increasing the adoption and usage rates, CM captures the people-dependent portion of ROI. Statistics show that organizations are 6 times more likely to meet objectives and 5 times more likely to stay on schedule and on budget when best practices are respected. Ultimately, the goal of Prosci and its partners is to help build internal change capabilities, resulting in change-ready and future-proof organizations.

What makes Prosci stand out in the industry is the combination of easy-to-use and goals-oriented tools with an ever-growing expertise and worldwide reach. With Prosci, you learn field-based best practices, get to use simple and intuitive tools, define clear goalposts and milestones, receive frequent updates on CM state-of-the art through a constant stream of fresh content and get on-site support from dedicated partners.


NEXUM: your partner in Belgium, France, Scandinavia, Luxembourg, Morocco and Switzerland.

If you want to learn more about how Prosci’s approach and ADKAR methodology can make any change successful and long-lasting, please get in touch with us and feel free to browse our extensive library of resources. As Prosci’s partner, we look forward to hearing from you!

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