Change Management strategy to Agile

PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATION RECOMMENDED. Explore the latest research and build specific tactics and plans for adapting change management to Agile iterative development.

Program details

This one-day workshop is a booster to your organization’s journey towards Agile.  

During this interactive day, you will discover that ‘moving to Agile’ is more than implementing a new methodology and processes, it’s a shift in mindset, a significant cultural change. Hence the importance of building a change plan and applying a structured change management methodology to increase your chances of success on the move to Agile. 

The workshop is designed for those who are reflecting on the possibility to implement Agile in their organization and for those who have started the journey and are struggling. 
It is particularly relevant to those responsible for: 

  • The organizational design or redesign 
  • The implementation of an Agile approach
  • The evolution of the ways of working

During this one-day workshop, participants will: 

  • Understand the differences between Agile and agile and discover the Agile values & principles
  • Understand the importance of the people side of a transition towards Agile
  • Define the future state vision of the Agile environment in your company
  • Identify the key change axes to transform towards your vision of an Agile environment
  • Evaluate the risks of your transformation towards Agile
  • Assess how the people (the employees) will be impacted by this change
  • Acknowledge the difference with the waterfall way of working & thinking
  • Define your next steps to Agile
  • Exchange with other people facing the same challenges
  • Introduction to Agile : Some definitions
  • PROSCI’s research findings on the people-related key success factors to move to an Agile environment
  • Change plan to Agile 
  • Next steps
  • Closing 

Participants will receive: 

  • Prosci's CM & Agile Study report
  • A first draft of the future state vision of the Agile environment in their company
  • A mapping of the human risks of the transition to Agile in their company
  • Concrete next steps to define their change plan towards Agile

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